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Kitesurfing in St. Lucia and Barbados

Kitesurfing in St. Lucia

More mountainous than its Caribbean siblings, Saint Lucia is a volcanic island filled with a strikingly beautiful landscape. A tropical paradise with numerous beaches and resorts, the small nation is home to the Sulphur Springs, known as the "world's only drive-in volcano".

St. Lucia is also a member of the Windward Islands, named for their proximity to the West Indies’ powerful trade winds. Unlike its Leeward Islands counterparts, the island’s eastside faces relentless currents and winds brought upon it by the Atlantic Ocean. As a result, these relatively rough waters provide the perfect conditions for kitesurfing.

Where Is the Best Place to Kitesurf in St. Lucia?

The northeastern point of the island is home to the Cas En Bas beach , heralded as the best place to ride the waves in St. Lucia.

Located in the District of Gros Islet, the beach at Cas En Bas is a popular spot for both locals and tourists to perform water sports. Travellers looking for an area that is secluded but not devoid of the atmosphere will find the mile-long beach perfect for their holiday needs.

Protected from the rough Atlantic waters that batter the eastern coast, this c-shaped bay lies deep within a cove, surrounded by hills covered in thick foliage. It’s this position that makes the Cas En Bas ideal for kitesurfing and windsurfing, as it benefits from the constant onshore trade winds, whilst still maintaining relatively calm waters due to the outer reef acting as a barrier.

With a shallow shore, the Cas En Bas is well known for its relaxing vibe, allowing for un-taxing swimming and carefree walks along the beach. Along the beach, you’ll find a restaurant, snack bar and friendly locals selling their own crafts and wares. The north is favoured by many for its resorts, but the Cotton Bay Hotel remains the closest to the beach.

Kitesurfing in St. Lucia for Beginners

With such laid-back ambience, the Cas En Bas is happy to accommodate all those looking for kitesurfing lessons. Both beginners and experienced won’t be in short supply of instructors, as the beach is home to a number of different schools.

There are lessons that cater to each and every skill level. Begin by learning how to fly a power kite and body drag then move onto jet ski assisted lessons to help your confidence grow out on the water. Want something more challenging? Then private lessons are what you’re looking for. Learn advanced techniques from seasoned surfers, including mastering tricks and jumps.

Best Time to Kitesurf in St. Lucia

Blessed with being in the Caribbean, St. Lucia has wonderful weather all year round. During the high season between December and July, the island is basked in ample sunlight with the occasional little shower creeping into the evenings. This time of the year is great for taking advantage of the famous trade winds that average out around 18-25 knots.

The country’s rainy season runs from July until November. This is when you’ll find the trade winds are a lot less reliable, averaging around 15-20 knots.

Kitesurfing in the Caribbean

Barbados Kitesurfing for Beginners

Another key kitesurfing port of call is Barbados, arguably the windiest Caribbean destination outside of the Windward Islands, and is widely recognised as one of the best islands to catch some waves.

Across the island, there are beaches where you can kitesurf, but the beach at Silver Rocks attracts the most tourists, becoming pretty busy during the main season (December to July).

Directly at the beach, there are a number of schools dedicated to teaching kitesurfing and other related water sports. Although Silver Rocks are the main kitesurfing spot in Barbados, it isn’t for beginners due to the shore break and large waves.

Long Beach is a nearby location with plenty of space and just a few kite surfers, making it a better choice for novices. One of the many kite schools run their lessons from here as the winds here blow slightly onshore, giving the beach a more mellow wave scene.

Situated about one kilometre offshore from the beach is a reef that acts as a barrier against the swell coming in from the Atlantic. This is what gives the Long Beach shoreline it's fairly flat conditions, making it a perfect learning spot for newcomers.

Best Beaches for Extreme Kitesurfing in Barbados 

Barbados’s prime location means it has clear access to the most powerful eastern trade winds in the Caribbean, and on top of that, it is constantly pounded by the Atlantic swell.

Conditions for world-class surf can vary wildly on the island, with hurricane season being the best time to catch some fierce waves on the east coast. The season runs from July to November and brings with it large swells and mighty offshore winds, a great combination for kite surfers seeking extreme waves.

As previously mentioned, the Silver Rock beach is not very suitable for beginners. Experienced kitesurfers, on the other hand, will find this area more to their liking. At the shore, the waves are smaller, and further out by the reef, you’ll be faced with the bigger waves where all the pros test their skills.

The Silver Sands beach area, a short walk from Silver Rock , is another of the main kitesurfing zones in Barbados. This location is filled with sandy white beaches and gnarly waves for surfers to ride. Nearby both of these beaches are South Point , another excellent site to surf that rarely gets flat. Further west along from the calmer parts of Long Beach , kite surfers can expect to see much bigger waves. The best times to experience optimal surf conditions across the island is at low tide in the morning and on the higher tide just before dark.



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