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Caribbean Adventure Activities

Adventure Holidays

The Caribbean comprises of more than 700 islands, islets, reefs and cays. It is a tropical paradise loved by tourists for its sandy white beaches, year-round beautiful weather, and welcoming locals.

The region is known for its abundant diversity of exotic animals, fungi and plants. Although, what people tend to forget is that the Caribbean is rife with breathtaking experiences beyond lazing around on the beach. Join us as we go through a few of the most popular Caribbean adventure activities available to travellers in search of fun and excitement.

Antigua Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

Antigua is made for cycling. Its terrain is a pleasure to navigate as the island is fairly small, the hills aren’t too steep, and road traffic is generally light. A number of self-guided routes dot the island, allowing you to see all sorts of beautiful sights. Easy to spot arrows guide you effortlessly along miles and miles of rolling hills, open countryside and rustic farmland.

Not only do you get a great workout with mountain biking, but you also get to observe a side of the island tourists rarely get to see. Antigua is much easier to enjoy at the pace of a cyclist, than that of a speeding car.

Aruba Wreck Diving

Aruba Diving

The Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba is one of the world’s best wreck diving destinations with 42 sites under its belt. Both artificially and naturally created, dive sites include a number of treasures for you to explore.

You’ll find sunken aircraft and shipwrecks, World War II wrecks such as the 400ft long  Antillean shipwreck. All spots are bursting with a wide range of diverse marine life, and depending on whether you wish to dive in the day or at night you might see octopuses, seahorses, turtles, moray eels, stingrays, barracuda, the four eye butterflyfish, squirrelfish, the sergeant major fish, the list goes on.

Bahamas Shark Encounter

Shark Diving

Thrill seekers and nature enthusiasts alike should set their sights on the shark encounters to be found in the Bahamas. Across the archipelago you’ll find opportunities to go both Cage Diving and Cageless Shark diving with wild sharks, letting you get a close-up look at these spectacular creatures in a safe environment.

The waters surrounding this island are home to one of the world’s healthiest populations of sharks. Their favourite spots are the coasts of islands fringing the deep water of the ‘Tongue of the Ocean’, including New Providence, the Exuma Cays and the outer reefs of The Abacos.

Barbados Swimming with Turtles


Barbados is home to a rich and diverse population of sea turtles. Hawksbill, loggerheads, leatherbacks and green sea turtles all visit the island between the months of May and October to nest and feed. During this time, dedicated “Swim with the Turtles” sites are available to divers to get up close and personal with these marvellous creatures.

The Barbados Sea Turtle Project monitors these activities to minimize any potential negative impacts tourist interactions might have on the turtles. They ensure that all nesting and dive sites are respectful of the turtles, allowing tourists to witness these great events without damaging the fragile ecosystem.

Cayman Islands Kayaking


Kayaking in the Cayman Islands is one of the unique Caribbean adventure activities you’ll find.

Lazily float through the mangrove forest and experience a rich selection of wildlife, all in one place. In and around the mangrove thickets you’ll expect to see tarpon and juvenile barracudas coupled with Cattle Egrets and Woodpeckers along with Green iguanas.

There is also the nighttime bioluminescent kayaking tours where kayakers will be able to observe tiny microorganisms called 'Pyrodinium Bahamas'. When at rest, they appear to sparkle, but when disturbed they release glowing swirls of blue light. Experience for yourself one of nature's most magical natural phenomena.

Dominican Republic Hiking


The second largest island in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is the ultimate playground for hikers hoping to explore wonderful surroundings. 

Nearly 80% of the country is mountainous, housing four main mountain ranges which include the Cordillera Central, the highest in the whole of the West Indies. Here you’ll discover the Pico Duarte, the tallest of the Caribbean’s mountains, its immense height reaches 3,000 metres above sea level.

There are less intense mountains and national parks to trek through, usually covered in thick forests, allowing for tranquil hikes without the intense heat you might find on other Caribbean routes.

Grenada Sailing

Grenada Sailing

If you’re an experienced sailor looking to sharpen their skills or a complete beginner in need of lessons, then sailing in Grenada is the perfect Caribbean adventure activity for you. You’ll find friendly sailing schools that offer all types of classes from navigation to mooring techniques to night sailing.

Grenada also hosts a number of international regattas, with Annual Grenada Sailing Week taking place between the end of January and the beginning of February. The island makes a great starting post from which to explore the famous island chain that is the Grenadines.

Jamaica Climbing

Jamaica Climbing

One of the most popular Caribbean adventure activities you’ll find is climbing the Dunn’s River waterfalls in Jamaica. You’ll be accompanied by a guide, who’ll help you conquer the climb, and help you get to the market at the top that sells clothes and souvenirs.

Another exciting place to climb is Jamaica’s extensive underground network of caves. The most famous being the Green Grotto Caves, which were used as a filming location for Doctor Kananga's underground evil lair in the James Bond film, Live and Let Die.

When you go caving, be prepared for climbing, rappelling, ascending, and spelunking.

St. Lucia Kitesurfing


A member of the Windward Islands, St. Lucia is known for its powerful and constant trade winds. The Atlantic Ocean bombards the islands’ east coast with strong currents and winds, creating the best conditions for kitesurfing.

Cas En Bas beach is the most popular spot on St. Lucia for both locals and tourists to kitesurf. The c-shaped bay benefits from the constant onshore trade winds and the outer reef acts as a barrier, making the waters in this area somewhat calm.


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